Happy New Year!

So how was your New Year’s Eve? Did you party like it was 1999? We hope so.

Also, Happy Dang New Year, Fayetteville.

2009 looks to be pretty interesting for our city. Besides having a new mayor and Chamber head with very different ideas than their predecessors, Fayetteville will also see some new, younger blood with newly elected City Council members Sarah Lewis (Ward 4) and Matthew Petty (Ward 2).

As for us here at the Flyer, we’ve got lots of plans for the year ahead of us. Besides launching a brand new website in February that we believe will make a crazy awesome impact on the way our community interacts with local businesses, we want to continue covering the many people, places and events that make up the coolest city in the world. Expect plenty of Flyer Profiles, Flyer Faces and even a few new things here and there.

But enough about us. What do you think 2009 has in store for you? Better yet, what do you have in store for 2009? Any resolutions you’d care to share?