Ice Storm 2009 is on the way

Those who remember the early days of the Fayetteville Flyer might recall our real-time, up to date, 100% accurate weather reports. Man, we’ve come a long way.

Since those early days, we don’t talk about the weather much around here.

Today, though, every weather service in the nation is predicting that the biggest ice storm since the one that sunk the Titanic (that is what happened to the Titanic, right?) is headed towards Fayetteville. And, it’s pretty ticked off.

Anyone visiting a grocery store last night or today has already found out that locals around here freak out at the mention of something like this. The shelves at Harps over on Colorado Dr. were already getting pretty thin last night as locals were stocking up in preparation for the big storm. How big this storm is going to be remains to be seen, but all indications are that it’s going to start sometime today.

We already told you guys how to drive when inclement weather hits, so our question to all you old school Fayetteville people this time is: Didn’t we get a lot more snow in the old days? I seem to remember getting 3-4 big snows every year as a kid. Now it seems we’re relegated to one crappy ice storm, and a couple 1/2″ dustings of snow per year. Are we crazy, or is there something to this whole climate change thing?

[UPDATES: 5pm]