The thaw begins: Time to start the cleanup

What. A. Mess.

Most of the roads in NWA are clearing, but many around town are still without power, and the main driving issue right now is avoiding the downed trees and power lines that are still blocking roadways. Limbs that had been dislodged by the ice, but had somehow hung in there are still falling around town, and there’s gonna be quite a mess to clean up when the rest of the ice melts.

We’ve got quite a mess to clean up here in Fayetteville that will probably take some time, and we’ll keep you posted on any city announcements about special tree limb pickups etc as we find more information.

As a commenter pointed out in here on the Flyer, we’re gonna need to plant a lot of trees here in Fayetteville this spring to make up for what we lost in this storm.

Below are a list of some of the tree services around town that might be able to help get rid of some of those downed limbs and trees, and help get this place back to normal again. You can also share any others that you guys know of in the comments, and if anyone has any positive feedback about one of these services, please share those stories as well.

Tree Services in and around Fayetteville:
Ozark Tree Service 479-443-3670
Asplundh Tree Expert Co 479-750-2770
Ball Stump Removal 479-443-0943
Cutting Edge Tree Svc 479-443-6614
Good Tree Svc 479-839-2941
Ken’s Tree Svc 479-756-0506