City issues certified tree service list

Now that the ice is nearly melted in Fayetteville, we’re all left to deal with massive amounts of limbs and trees on our lawns, driveways, houses and cars.

The City has announced a couple of options for getting rid of all the debris such as cutting the limbs into 4-foot pieces and placing them by the street or taking them to one of the locations listed on the Ice Storm Information page.

But what if you don’t have the means to take care of it yourself? Well, you’re gonna have to call a tree service. Thankfully, the City has issued a list of Certified Tree Professionals on its website. Below are the tree services that are considered certified until at least April 30, 2009:

Ark & Saw Mills Tree Service – 530-0119
Ken’s Tree Service – 756-0506
Northwest Tree Service – 442-8733
Ozark Tree Service – 443-3670
Williams Tree Service – 636-2482
West Tree Service – 521-5115

The City does not warrant or guarantee any qualifications, credentials, or quality of work that might be provided by these services and encourages anyone interested in hiring a tree service to contact the Arkansas Better Business Bureau.

Additionally, here is a list of ISA Certified Tree specialists located in Fayetteville as of 1/30/09:

Rex Archer/Archers Tree Care – (479) 841-3371
William Barker/West Tree Service – 501-521-5115
James Binns/Earthworks-Landscape Gardening Inc – (479) 442-8532
Larry Dalrymple/Consultant – 479-236-8789
Patti Erwin/Natural Resource Planning – (479) 442-4561
Clint Foster – (479) 841-3371 Email
James Gibson/Critical Path Design, Inc – (479) 466-0198
Samuel Hampton/Milholland Company – (479) 443-4724
Henson, Michael – (479) 684-4917
Thomas Jefcoat/Milholland Company – (479) 263-1738
Scott Renfro/CrossWood Associates Inc. – (352) 504-7646
Thomas Seay/Arborite – (479) 530-7534