Giveaway: The Flying Burrito gift card

I’m not going to lie to you; I eat at The Flying Burrito at least once a week… At least. The craving usually strikes about an hour before lunch and is next to impossible to cast aside. The only effective remedy for a Flying Burrito craving is to simply indulge it with a burrito that’s not only massive in size, but massive in taste as well… and that’s exactly what you get when you visit The Flying Burrito.

Back in 2002, Archie and Lisa Schaffer and Mike and Jill Rohrbach were each looking into opening a burrito bar in Fayetteville. Eventually, the Schaffers and Rohrbachs pooled their collective knowledge, funds and resources and on May 31, 2003, opened the first Flying Burrito just a block away from Dickson. The Flying Burrito was an instant hit where many Fayetteville residents, myself included, were first introduced to the concept of a burrito bar and, subsequently, came to love it. A little over a year later in June of 2004, a second location was opened in the old IHOP, which is where I’ve been getting my weekly burrito-fix ever since.

Since “The Burrito” first opened, I’ve eaten at several other burrito bars and can safely say that none of them even come close to matching the quality(and quantity) of The Flying Burrito.

Now, if burritos aren’t your thing, The Flying Burrito also serves up some excellent quesadillas, tacos, nachos, rice bowls and taco salads as well. And for those of you with a larger-than-average appetite, the Flying Burrito crew has something just for you on the menu: The M.O.A.B. For those of you brave enough to try it, the Mother of All Burritos is as massive a burrito as this world can handle. If you can take down a M.O.A.B by yourself, well, let’s just say that you’ve certainly earned my respect as well as that of your burrito-loving peers.

In addition to having some great everyday deals on their menu, The Flying Burrito also has an excellent Happy Hour deal every day of the week… which is great if you, like me, enjoy a good drink with your meal.

If you haven’t given The Flying Burrito a go, I strongly urge you do so. This week is the perfect time to try it out. As a participant of Restaurant Week, The Flying Burrito is offering a free large queso with the purchase of two entrees. All you have to do is mention Restaurant Week to your Flying Burrito Burrista and the large queso is all yours. The offer is only good through this Saturday, so don’t miss your chance to score some free queso.

Contest: How about a free burrito? Five lucky winners will receive a coupon for a free entree from The Flying Burrito. Nawt Bawd!

How to enter: Tell us why you deserve a burrito or just leave a comment telling us what’s in your Flying Burrito. As in, are you into chicken? Beef? Queso? Taters? Don’t hold back now.

A few rules (read ‘em carefully):

  1. You may only enter this specific contest once. If you enter this contest more than once you’ll be automatically disqualified.
  2. This contest is open to anyone anywhere except Fayetteville Flyer writers, Flying Burrito employees, and their immediate family members.
  3. Contest is open until 11:59pm CST on Thursday, February 5th, 2009.
  4. Make sure you leave a valid e-mail address when filling out the comment form since that’s how we’ll contact you if you’ve won.
  5. You’ll have to provide us with your first and last name, and mailing address if you win. Then, we’ll mail you the gift certificate.

Good luck. For more info on Restaurant Week, visit the Dine in Fayetteville site, and check out more reviews, contests, etc here on the Flyer.