Dinosaur Jr. is coming to town

On April 17, 2009, you can expect to see all those people you used to hang out with at shows but now have families, beer guts and crappy full-time jobs … you know … real lives.

Why? Because alt-rock kings Dinosaur Jr. have not only reunited, completed a new record and signed to a new label, but are also about to hit the road for a tour across the country in smaller-than-expected venues including George’s Majestic Lounge here in Fayetteville.

For anyone in Arkansas who’s crapping their pants right now in excitement, you’d better hold on tight because the tour also includes Little Rock. In other words, if you play your cards right, you can see Dinosaur Jr. two days in a row without having to ask off work.

Check out the embedded video below of Dinosaur Jr. in the Pitchfork.tv studios.

And thanks to Jason for the tip!