Giveaway: Win a Wii

Last week we introduced you to and we’re still just as pumped as we were when we launched it. Finally, there’s a website with every business in the area and we no longer have to deal with annoying Google searches that produce irrelevant yellow page-like listings ever again.

Wii (sorry) want Local540 to be the most accurate, useful, and helpful website for information on our local businesses that it could possibly be. Wii (I know, sorry) spent hours, weeks, heck, months trying to make sure that Local540 is teh awesome, but we’re not freaking Superman, and wii (last time) know we’ve made some errors.

That’s where you come in. We’re giving away a highly sought after Nintendo Wii, brand new and still in the packaging to one of you in exchange for a little bit of help improving Local540, and getting the word out.

This time, there are three ways to enter.

How to enter:

  1. Send us an email to [email protected], and tell us what we screwed up on Local540, (i.e. a business we don’t have, a duplicate entry, a typo, a place that has closed down that we still have or anything else you find that is incorrect on Local540) and you’ll be entered.
  2. Send an e-mail to a friend or local business owner telling them about Local540 and copy us at [email protected] on the email and you’ll be entered.
  3. Blog about Local540 on your personal blog or Tweet about Local540 on Twitter and send us a link at [email protected] and you’ll be entered.

To link to a specific Twitter update, first, make sure you’re logged in and on the “Home” page of Twitter. On the right, click on “updates.” Locate the tweet you’d like to link to, and find where it shows how long ago the Tweet was Tweeted (ex: “about 2 hours ago”). Click that and you should be taken to a page that displays only that specific Tweet. Copy the URL in the address bar and paste it where ever you want to link directly to that Tweet.

A few rules (read ’em carefully):

  • You may enter this specific contest 1,000,000 times if you want. There’s no limit. Go nuts!
  • This contest is open to anyone anywhere except Fayetteville Flyer writers and their immediate family members.
  • Contest is open until 11:59pm CST on Wednesday, March 11th, 2009.
  • We will randomly select a winner from all the entries and notify you using the e-mail you sent. At that point, you’ll need to provide us with your full name and phone number so we can contact you.
  • Your e-mail addresses will NEVER be used for anything AT ALL other than entering the contest. After the contest is over, all e-mails will be archived and put away for good. We promise.

You all have been ultra supportive of our transitions as we try to make The Fayetteville Flyer the best source for all things awesome and we can’t thank you enough for coming back and reading every day.

Local540 is a great resource for finding your favorite local businesses, but it is also a way for us to continue to expand on what we started about a year ago here at The Flyer by adding writers, increasing our coverage, and trying to create a better place for you to waste time at work, or at school, or whatever it is you read The Flyer for. So what say you, Fayetteville? Wanna win a Wii?

Wii’s are still kinda hard to come by, so for those of you who don’t believe we even have a Wii to give away, here are a few photos taken here in Fayetteville to prove it exists. Follow fvilleflyer or local540 on Twitter for daily “Where’s the Wii?” updates as they happen.

If for some reason the “Where’s the Wii” slideshow doesn’t load, visit the entire set at Flickr.