Flyer Profile: Devicehigh

If you are one of the 55% of Flyer readers who love Razorback sports, and you also like to make fun of our local sports personalities, then we highly recommend checking out the video’s made by Van Buren’s Devicehigh on youtube and on

We first heard about Devicehigh during the height of the Houston Nutt circus that was going on about two years ago, and we’ve been following his videos ever since.

Devicehigh’s videos are animated parodies of Razorback Coaches, assistant coaches, and sports personalities in general, and are full of inside jokes that can only be understood by the most die hard Razorback fan. But after a 5-7 football season, and a 1-12 SEC conference start in basketball this year, a lot of Razorback fans are probably in need of a good laugh.

We got in touch with the man behind the videos, mainly because I wanted to better understand the twisted mind who came up with the idea to animate Rick Schaffer farting rainbows. Awesome.

Fayetteville Flyer: What have you been listening to lately?
Devicehigh: My family complaining that I work too much.

FF: First of all, your videos are hilarious. Where did you get the idea to do videos on our beloved (and not so beloved) local sports personalities?
DH: All of them are just making fun of the things I read on message boards.

FF: About how many videos have you done so far?
DH: 39. If I can ever get caught up at work I’ll get back to wasting time and make more.

FF: About how long does it take you to make one of your videos?
DH: Anywhere from a few hours to a full weekend

FF: How the heck do you animate these?
DH: Ulead Media Pro and MS Movie Maker

FF: Who does the voices?
DH: Me and another poster on Hogville “judgeroyswine”

FF: Do you have a personal favorite video?
DH: Good Ole Boys (below)

FF: Of course to us, it’s all in good fun, and we don’t think any of your video’s are too harsh. I’ll bet, however, there are those that disagree. Have you ever been contacted / threatened over any of your videos?
DH: Nobody has every tried to contact me that I know of. I really think most everybody sees it as harmless fun. Although I think a few were upset when Nolan blew up Old Main in “The Return”.

FF: We first found out about you from the message board Do you still post over there as well?
DH: Yes, everyday. Hogville is an addiction for me.

FF: So it seems to us like the basketball season that started with so much promise fizzled out in a big hurry. What’s your opinion on this year’s basketball team? Are we gonna be better next year?
DH: Disappointed but patient. I hope Coach Pelphrey can get things going in the right direction.

FF: What’s your impression of John Pelphrey so far?
DH: Pelphrey gives me hope. Hope for new material after losing Nutt. Ha!

FF: Let’s switch gears to football for a moment. Petrino’s first year was a little rough, but we did just score a top 15-20 recruiting class. What is your prediction for the 2009 season?
DH: Better than 2008. I’ve got a lot of confidence in Petrino.

FF: How do you feel about Bobby Petrino so far? Is the the guy that’s gonna put Arkansas football back on the map?
DH: I have no doubt Razorback football is in good hands. I look forward to the future.

Devicehigh’s video Good Ole Boys