Waka Winter Classic Tonight At George’s

Tonight, five bands will compete for a spot on the stage of this year’s Wakarusa festival at George’s Majestic Lounge, and you (the audience) get to decide who gets the coveted spot. The show is called the Waka Winter Classic, but it’s really a grudge match. It’s a battle to the death. There can only be one winner, and that winner is guaranteed fame, fortune, sex, exposure to at least a portion of the thousands of people that will be attending the festival making it’s Arkansas debut this summer.

In this corner, from 8 – 8:45, The Staggering Odds (formerly the Odds) are self described as Steely Dan meets Widespread Panic. If this were an actual fight, these guys would probably smoke your ass with a crazy guitar solo.

In this corner, from 9 – 9:45 Cletus Got Shot will bring their brand of psycho-billy bluegrass-y punk rock country to the stage. If this were an actual fight, they’d probably bring a shotgun or a pitchfork as a weapon, or they’ll kill you with their sweet harmonies and catchy tunes.

In the third corner, from 10 – 10:45, Indiana & The Byrds bring some high energy rock and roll to the stage. If this were a fight, these guys would bash your head in with a guitar, or try to rock your face off.

In the forth corner, playing from 11 – 11:45, Ft. Smith’s Copesetic is described as “somewhere between Soul Train and Woodstock,” and judging from the pictures on their website, they look pretty tough. They like to jam, so maybe they’ll jam the bejesus out of their competition.

In the fifth corner, playing from 12 – 12:45 (this ring is a pentagon), Hardaway & The Commoners represent the hip-hop genre, but instead of playing pre-recorded loops and samples, they’ll do it with live musicians and a talented MC. If this were an actual fight, these guys would probably just try to make you dance yourself to death.

If you are a fan of any of these five bands, they they need your support tonight. And for those of you who aren’t happy with the Wakarusa lineup so far, here’s your chance to have a say in a least one spot on the lineup.

So, Fayetteville- who comes out of this battle alive?