The Great Weather Guide to Fayetteville

If you aren’t in maximum security prison and you live in Fayetteville, you might have noticed that over the last couple days it’s been freaking awesome outside. I mean, holy bejesus awesome. Triple awesome. Sexual awesome.

And if you’re like me, when the weather turns Fayetteville out there you want more than anything to get out and enjoy it. And of course in Fayetteville, the nice weather could be here today gone tomorrow.

Plus, with so many options for outdoor activities, it’s hard to keep track of all the possibilities. So I propose we come up with a list. Like, right now. Cool?

Here are a few of totally-boss outdoor activities for perfect weather in Fayetteville, as compiled by Dustin, several of you on Facebook, and whoever adds to the comments of this post.

Wilson Park: This one is kind of a duh. Fayetteville has some great city parks, and there’s nothing better than to head over to old WP (that’s what I call it)(starting now?) and take advantage of the many things it has to offer. Hills for rolling down, a creek for poking around in, a trail for exercising on, a castle for climbing in, tennis courts, hoops, a playground, some grass for lounging in, little leaguers to watch, and swings. My friend Ashley says that all of the worlds problems would be solved if every person spent 10 minutes a day at a nice park on a nice day in a swing. I like her style.

Farmers’ Market: This one is also kind of a duh. The Farmers’ market is just a couple weeks away, starting on April 4th. It’s a reason Fayetteville rules, and we can’t wait for this season to start. Perfect way to spend a nice Fayetteville day.

Razorback Baseball: If baseball is your thing, Fayetteville’s got it in a big way in the spring time. Combine that with beer, and you can count me in. The only way to take in a Razorback baseball game is out in left field (just ask TB), and of course, the Naturals are just right down the road in the “Dale.”

Botanical Gardens: The Botanical Gardens of Northwest Arkansas are only a few years old, but they’ve already put together a pretty impressive garden, and there are all kinds of events scheduled there to check out when the weather gets nice.

Trails: Trails. We got ’em. If you haven’t checked out the new-ish trail system in Fayetteville, then you owe it to yourself to break out your Schwinn or your awesome stunt bike, or just your feet (the trails are for walking too, you know) and see what all the fuss is about.

Biking in General: As far as I know, there is no better place in North America to get out and enjoy the scenic highways and byways on your bicycle than Fayetteville. I know, I already mentioned bikes talking about the trails, but it’s so awesome, it get’s it’s own mention as well.

Anything Involving Dogs: Dogs rule. Walking them in any of our parks or down Dickson St., taking them swimming, throwing things and letting them bring them back to you (they love that), or just chillaxing with them on a blanket (if your dogs like chillaxing). Kickin’ it with dogs in nice weather is the best.

Hiking: If you like nature, Fayetteville has it. If you also like exercise, you’ll love hiking. Devil’s Den is technically in West Fork, but it’s close enough. Lake Wedington is just right down the road and is pretty nice from what I remember. Of course, you can also hike the trails, but to me “hiking” can’t be called “hiking” if it’s on a paved surface. That’s just called walking.

The Amp: So what if it’s in the mall parking lot. It’s an outdoor concert venue, and the lineup that’s been announced so far looks pretty promising this year. Live music+outdoors=Yes.

Gulley Park: Speaking of outdoor music, Gulley Park has it starting in the Summer time almost every Thursday. In addition to that, Gulley Park is great place for kickin’ it with dogs, frisbee golf, other frisbee related activities, hacky-sacking, kickballing, volleyballing, and general outdoorsing.

Old Main Lawn: Old Main is another awesome place for all kinds of outdoor activies. Amy B. suggests people like to play soccer up there, and on certain days you might take in a game of cricket played by some of our international students. With all the development that has happened at the University over the years, Old Main lawn has remained in tact as a great place for hanging out on a nice Fayetteville day. Most things you can do at a park, you can do at Old Main lawn.

Patios: One of my favorite things to do on an awesome Fayetteville day is to hang out on one of the awesome patios around town. Some of my fav’s are US Pizza, Jose’s, LuLu’s/Sasafrass (RIP), Smilin’ Jack’s, and George’s. I also like to drink.

Porch Chilling: Porch chillin’ only requires three things: Friends. Beer. Porch. Those three items are always a recipe for awesome.

Cornhole/Baggo: If you are a competitive person and you have not played this game either A) Do, because it’s awesome, or B) Don’t start, because it’s extremely addictive might annoy the bejesus out of your wife. Unless she plays too, and then, see A. Even if you aren’t athletic, if you can throw a 4lb bag of beans about 20 yards, you can play this game. It also helps to have a frosty beverage in your hand.

Grilling/picnicing: Grilling is the single best method of cooking ever. Grilling almost always means good weather, good food, and a good time, almost every time. God bless grilling. Picnicing, also called eating outside, is also pretty botching.

Running: Uh…Not for me…but, whatevs. Knock yourself out.

Go Carts: This is one I don’t normally think of, but if you show up with about 10 friends and take over a track, riding go carts can help you recapture a little bit of your childhood. Lokomotion family fun park is the only place around here with outdoor go carts. Yeow.

Lake Fayetteville: A good place to do lots of stuff on a nice day. Walk, run, bike, hike, frisbee, dogs, fishing, chillaxing. Also, if you can’t get in free to the Razorback baseball game, you can watch old men play softball, and pretend.

412 in Springdale: Psyche.

Thanks to those that participated in the discussion on Facebook. What else do you guys like to do when the weather is this incredible?

[Photo by Clinton Steeds via Flickr and Creative Commons 2.0]