To-Do Thursday: 3/19/09

Over in Austin, SXSW just shifted into second gear and day two looks pretty awesome. Fayetteville favorites Lucero are playing the Dirty Dog and one of my new favorites, Wild Light are at Emo’s this evening.

Speaking of Fayetteville, don’t even think we’re not getting represented, yo. Memphis Pencils and St. Anthony are both part of the 8088 Record Collective Showcases at Chain Drive (tonight) and Plush (tomorrow).

If you’re not already on a plane to Austin, I’ll assume you’re staying in town this weekend.

If so, you can check out New Madrid Faults tonight at George’s as they make their way down to Texas. New Madrid Faults features John Morgan Kimock (son of axe slinger Steve) and they’re starting at around 9pm. Later in the evening is the Spring Break Music Showcase with After The Scars, 100 Proof, Ozark Mountain Nightmare Band, The Family Dogs, Well, Well, Well… and The Thickness.

The Smoke & Barrel, as always on Thursday nights, has Opal Fly and Friends. Tonight’s friends are listed as Joe Credits. Anyone got the scoop on that?

Thursdays are fairly regular around here lately. Club Froggy’s has Nick Noltes. Speakeasy has DJ Peaches, Tangerine has a drag show and Pesto Cafe has Kevin Bennoch.

What are you doing tonight? Watching basketball? If so, how do your brackets compare to Barack Obama’s?