Local news: Wednesday 4/1

mervinj: Former mayor Dan Coody is here. #fayfwd
If you didn’t make it to Fayetteville Forward last night and weren’t following #fayfwd on Twitter, you could check out “Fayetteville Forward in review” or “Ideas Flutter EconomicSummit” (Morning News) or “Forward ho!: Fayetteville Forward participants told time for change is now” (NWA Times). Or not. It’s up to you.

Four or five lanes for Garland?
Wanna take a guess as to what the Fayetteville City Council’s streets committee recommended for the widening of Garland Avenue? No? Just want to know the answer? OK, fine. Read “Committee Wants Median In Wider Garland Avenue” (Morning News) or “Committee backs adding 2 lanes to Garland Avenue” (NWA Times) to learn alls abouts it.

Wait, what about Arkansas 16?
Chill out, guy. Here you go: “Residents view plans for Arkansas 16 widening” (NWA Times).

Remember Billy Wolfe?
You know, the bully story? Ah, yes. That’s the one. See “Suit dismissed against students accused of bullying” (NWA Times) or “Civil Lawsuit Involving Billy Wolfe Dropped” (Morning News) for an update.

So we’re gonna call it Fayettedale?
See “Fayetteville and Springdale agree to become one city in 2010” (FAY Chronicle-Banner) to hear all about it.