Collier Drug offers employee incentives for shopping locally

You know that old saying about when the going gets tough, the tough shop at their locally owned businesses to make sure as much money as possible is recirculated in our local economy? It’s a really old saying. Like, 100 years old.

Well, Mel Collier at Collier Drug store is taking that old saying (which is not really an old saying at all) pretty seriously by offering some pretty heavy incentives to his own employees to shop at their locally owned businesses.

For the whole month of April, any Collier Drug Store employee that purchases items or food from a locally owned (Northwest Arkansas) business, restaurant, etc, will be reimbursed for 50% of that purchase up to $100. If the business owner of the store is a Collier Drug customer, Mel will reimburse 1/2 the employee’s purchase up to $150.

From his Facebook page, “This is our way of stimulating the economy and the buying power of our community. If other business owners conduct this plan for their employees, together we can help our communities when they need it most.”

Pretty sweet idea, Mel. Respect.

What will you guys do to support local businesses?