Local news: Monday 4/6

No smoking on campus. No, seriously.
Back in July, the UA campus became tobacco-free but without any penalties for those who ignored the new rule. After last week’s Clean Air on Campus Act of 2009 was signed, however, students can expect to fork over $100 to $500 if caught puffing later this year. Read “Campus smoking stamped out” (Ark Traveler) for more.

McDonald’s nudie pics in the news again
Remember Tina Sherman? She’s the local woman who sent nude photos of herself to her husband on his cell phone only to discover that he’d accidentally left his phone at McDonald’s. Someone got a hold of the photos and posted them on the internet so they’re suing for damages. McDonald’s tried to get the lawsuit dismissed on Friday and our local papers have the verdict in “Judge won’t dismiss lawsuit over nude pictures on phone” (NWA Times) and “McDonald’s Still In Nude Photos Lawsuit” (Morning News).

Does that dragon have a name?
The green dragon mascot in the children’s section of the Fayetteville Public Library has an official name thanks to a local 4-year-old girl. See “4-year-old names library mascot” (NWA Times) for more.

Twittering is A-OK!
The #tweetjuror was back in court on Friday in an effort to prove to Circuit Judge Mark Lindsay he’d done nothing wrong by posting comments after the trial he served on was over and done. Did the judge agree? You can read “No new trial over juror’s Twittering” (NWA Times) or “Judge Says Tweeting Juror Did Nothing Wrong” (Morning News) for details but if you were following The Morning News’ Chris Spencer on Twitter, you’d have known the outcome immediately when he tweeted the verdict at 3:52pm.

Fayetteville Forward’s 8-hour final session
The economic development summit ended Saturday after a day-long session filled with ideas and action items. Here are a few local stories:

Know your legal language?
Local citizen and former Ward 1 City Council candidate Don Conner is facing a lawsuit for confusing some legal language at a council meeting involving the Ruskin Heights development. Read “Public remark sparks suit vs critic” (NWA Times) if you want the skinny.

Project 21c
FPS’ Chief Academic Officer, Linda Auman is knee-deep in trying to keep our school system’s curriculum up to date. Our own Greg Leding spoke with Linda in “The Art of Teaching” (Fayetteville Flyer) and so did Brett Bennett in “Auman plays key role in curriculum overhaul” (NWA Times).