Support the Arkansas Dream Act

Our community consistently shows its support for our schools because we in Fayetteville know the importance of education. We’ve seen it most recently during last week’s Fayetteville Forward Economic Development Summit: time and again during the sessions people pointed to the critical role of education in our community. We in Fayetteville also know the value of diversity. We embrace the idea of opening ourselves to other cultures and welcoming different perspectives.

Only nineteen percent of Arkansans have a bachelors degree or higher. For our community and our state to secure economic success, we must make the opportunity to pursue education as widely available as possible. We must develop a workforce capable of excelling in the knowledge-based economy.

Senator Joyce Elliot plans to run SB 799—the Arkansas Dream Act—in the Senate today. The bill aims to make available in-state tuition to higher education for all students who have lived in the state for three years regardless of their immigration status. Students who go to school and complete high school should not be penalized because their parents brought them to our country to make a better life. Ours is a country built on the idea that the opportunity to pursue a better life should be available to all. That’s why passage of this bill is so important. This is most likely the bill’s last chance this session, so it’s imperative everyone take action now.

These Senators support the Dream Act. Please contact them to encourage them to continue their support.

Sen. Steve Bryles: [email protected]
Sen. John Paul Capps: [email protected]
Sen. Jimmy Jeffress: [email protected]
Sen. Gene Jeffress: [email protected]
Sen. Henry “Hank” Wilkins IV: [email protected]
Sen. Jim Luker: [email protected]
Sen. Sue Madison: [email protected]
Sen. Percy Malone: [email protected]
Sen. Mary Ann Salmon: [email protected]
Sen. Tracy Steele: [email protected]
Sen. Ed Wilkinson: [email protected]
Sen. Jack Crumbly: [email protected]

These Senators might consider voting for the bill. Please contact them to encourage them to vote yes.

Sen. Barbara Horn: [email protected]
Sen. Paul Bookout: [email protected]
Sen. Kim Hendren: [email protected]
Sen. David Johnson: [email protected]
Sen. Johnny Key: [email protected]
Sen. Shane Broadway: [email protected]
Sen. Robert Thompson: [email protected]
Sen. Terry Smith: [email protected]
Sen. Ruth Whitaker: [email protected]
Sen. David Wyatt: [email protected]
Sen. Larry Teague: [email protected]

Let’s go, Fayetteville.