Half off on Local540 and the Fayetteville Flyer

Yesterday, we posted about Collier Drug’s offer to reimburse employees for 50% of their purchases from locally owned businesses. It’s a pretty sweet idea, and it got us thinking about what we could do to help support our local economy when things here in Fayetteville and around the country are a little tough on everyone.

Playing to our strengths, our first idea was to offer free high fives for everyone who shops locally, and while high fives are most definitely awesome, in the end we decided that they weren’t really enough of an incentive.

The employee reimbursement thing doesn’t really work for us either, since there are only two of us here.

Still, we want to do something, and in the end what we do have is the ability to offer some really affordable exposure for locally owned businesses, so we decided that for the rest of the month of April, banner ads on the Flyer, as well as expanded listings on Local540 will be offered at 1/2 price only for businesses based in Northwest Arkansas.

An expanded listing on Local540 will allow businesses the ability to add photos, products, coupons, calendars, and other cool things to their page. Expanded listings on Local540 are already inexpensive, and the 1/2 price offer will make it even easier for locally owned businesses to stand out from their regional competition.

Banner ads on the Flyer are a good way to get the word out about specials, sales and events, and businesses who advertise on the Flyer are way more awesome than most businesses.

Wanna know more? Just contact us already.