Local news: Monday 4/13

Why are those sausage rolls from Rick’s Bakery so dang good? Is it the sausage or is it the roll? Or is it that when you put them both together, they make the perfect combination? I’d like to get to the bottom of this someday. Do you think they’d be willing to just make me a roll by itself? And then place the sausage on a plate so I could try it by itself? Hmm.

Don’t forget that Nightbird Books moved
In “Indie bookstore claims family-owned space” (NWA Times), Kevin Kinder reminds us about the bookstore’s new location. Have you been in to say hello to Lisa yet?

Tired of Twitter news yet?
We’re not. But the Twitter 101 lessons and “humorous” uses of the service’s name are moving from tired to irrelevant. Especially since the service has been around for nearly 3 years. Still, if you want more, check out “Capitol embraces blogging, ‘tweets'” (ADG) or an editorial by someone who seems to think Twitter was invented just last year (no, seriously): “All a’Twitter” (ADG).

Coody Time
In “He Is Risen!” (Fayettevillage Voice), Lessie has collected the four most recent Dan Coody sightings into one post along with an interesting City Council rumor that’s going around town. Checkitout. If you wanna.

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Speaking of College Ave.
According to “Roadblocks : Improvements to College Avenue delayed” (NWA Times), it could be August until the stretch updates are complete.