Social Media Lecture: Connected Lives

There’s been lots of chatter here at the Flyer about social media. Apparently a couple of us like mediated discourse. I mean, you’re here because you saw this on Twitter, right?

Well, if you’re a fan of social media and want to see its scholarly side, you’re in luck!

Barry Wellman, professor of sociology at the University of Toronto, will host a lecture entitled “Connected Lives: The New Social Network Operating System” today at 6 P.M. in room E107 of the Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences Building.

Wellman’s resume is very, very long. His work focuses on how the Internet affects people’s everyday lives. He’s currently writing Connected Lives with Lee Rainie and directs NetLab at the University of Toronto.

The Connected Lives project pulls tons of information and there’s a taste of it on their survey (pdf). Here’s one of the questions: During a typical week how do you keep in touch with friends and how long does it take you?

I would’ve thought of an answer, but I’m currently too busy talking to my sister on the phone and writing on my bud’s Facebook wall.

There’s a list of publications on the NetLab site that offer some interesting flat-world, Marshall McLuhan theories. WARNING: Do not operate machinery while reading.

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