H.O.P.E. Inc hosts “Battle For Hope” fundraiser May 2nd

There are lots of 5k runs these days. Almost all of them are for good causes, but what if running 5 kilometers (like, in a row) really isn’t your thing, but you’d still like to participate, and contribute to the cause?

H.O.P.E. Inc (an incredible organization that does amazing things for oncology patients here in NWA) does a 10k and a 5k, and even a 1 mile fun walk every year as part of their “Battle for Hope” fundraiser, but this year, they’ve added a race that is right up the alley of those of us who aren’t really into the whole long distance running thing.

In possibly the best idea for a charity-race-fundraising-event ever, this year they’ve added the first ever “Fresh Express 50 Yard Dash” to their event list.

That’s 50 yards. Walk, crawl, jog, sprint, whatever, and then you’re on the sidelines eating bananas and drinking gatorade with your friends. Awesome.

The event will be held on May 2nd, with the first race beginning at 8:00 am, and the 50 yard dash begins at 9:00.

To participate in any of the races, visit the registration page on the event website.

For more information on H.O.P.E., click here, and for more on the Battle for Hope (including the 50 yard dash) click here. We’ll be there covering the event, and we may even don some jogging shorts and some kind of sweet headband and run in the 50.

Race ya?