Green Drinks meets at Smiling Jack’s on Monday

We know, there are already like 1,000 reasons that Fayetteville rules.

Reason #1001: Fayetteville has it’s very own political drinking clubs. Awesome.

Not too long ago, we told you about Drinking Liberally, a left-leaning group that meets to talk politics, and partake in a few adult beverages with like some minded friends. Just a few days ago, we found out Green Drinks, a group of people who are interested in environmental and sustainability issues .

According to Keaton Smith, one of the group’s organizers,

Green Drinks is a totally informal get-together that allows those of us interested in any and all things “Green” to meet new people, network, and exchange ideas. Green Drinks ‘chapters’ exist in nearly 500 cities worldwide. There are no sales pitches, presentations, sponsorships, or solicitation – just like-minded people getting together to further a common cause over a drink. All are invited, and anyone is welcome.

The group will meet on Monday, April 20th at Smiling Jack’s just off Dickson Street from 5:30-7:30, and subsequently on the second Monday of every month. More info on the local chapter of Green Drinks can be found on their Facebook page, or you can check out the website for the national organization