Local news: Thursday 4/16

Dang parasites
Who is the person going around telling journalists that bloggers are “anticipating the death of newspapers”? I’ve never heard of a single person who is excited about the collapse of the news industry. In fact, many blogs actually rely on newspapers for content so they can comment on their stories. The ADG’s Gene Lyons is responsible for the above quote but what’s strange is that he used it right before throwing out the Salon-coined “P” word. Whether it actually kills its host or not, I doubt there’s a single parasite in this world who actually wants its host to die. I would say these people should spend more time trying to find a solution rather than sitting around complaining about it but from the looks of things, it’s already too late. Oh yeah, the story. Sorry: “Bad news for the news” (ADG)

Fayetteville Forward results
The results are in and action items have been formed. Session 1 info can be found right here on the Flyer at “Fayetteville Forward Results: Post-its and Dream Trees” or you can check out the following newspaper stories:

Tea on the square
A bunch of people got together yesterday for a non-Partisan (click for photo via Morning News) protest rally. For more photos, see “Tea Party” (Morning News Photoblog). For some stories about it, clicky on these:

What else?
Beats me. That’s all I’ve got for now. And I didn’t even post any local news yesterday. Hey, don’t get ticked at me. If you want more, maybe you should buy a newspaper. Or two.

[Photo by estherase via Flickr and Creative Commons 2.0.]