Flyer Profile: Color Club

A few weeks ago, we found ourselves at a show at the New Deli, a house-venue near Wilson Park for a three-band bill on a Saturday night.

The Literature, an Austin band was in town that we’d heard good things about. Real Live Tigers, an awesome Fayetteville band playing with a new drummer opened the show.

But we left the New Deli that night smitten with the middle band in the lineup, a relatively new 3 piece band from Fayetteville called Color Club.

Color Club is Jordan Bennett (Bass), Melanie King (Keyboards), and Anna Wingfield (Drums). All three members of the band contribute to the vocals and songwriting, and the sunglass-clad trio rocked the collective faces off everyone in the living room that night, and we’re excited to have tracked them down for an interview.

Fayetteville Flyer: What have you been listening to lately?
Color Club: ESG, XTC, TLC…exclusively.

FF: How long have you been playing together, anyway?
CC: We started playing together in October but then we stopped for a while. Then someone asked us to play a show so we started getting together again in January and that’s when we actually started writing songs.

FF: What are some other bands you have been in?
Jordan: Melanie and I started Tippy Canoe with Audrey McCoy in 2007. Tippy Canoe was an all encompassing band based mainly on writing new songs for almost every show using whatever instruments we could get our hands on. Last summer we got a drum set and started a two piece key board and drums band called Sister Brother. We had two shows – one in Tulsa and one in Fayetteville. Then Anna got a drum set and her older brother had an old bass lying around and the three of us started Color Club. Melanie and I are also currently in the process of “Voyage to the Illuminate Planet” which is a science fiction journey told through the use of about six keyboards.

Anna: I also play drums with Bobby Missile and Shane English in a band called Fantastic Plastic…or Cold Mold. We don’t know yet. Bobby and Shane are in Church of the Snake (Hot Springs) and Bobby is also in Attractive and Popular (Hot Springs).

FF: We saw you guys recently at the New Deli house, and it was really good. How awesome are house shows?
Melanie: That was our first show in Fayetteville and it was awesome because it was at my house. My roommates and I have been having shows at our house for a about a year and a half. My favorite shows are always house shows!

FF: It seems to us like Fayetteville is exploding with some really great bands right now. What are a few that people need to check out?
CC: To name a few, The Counterlife, Egyptr, Man the Helm! (even though they’re not playing shows anymore), The Kicker Knot, St. Anthony, David’s Pegasus, Gold Witch, Perpetual Ware wolf ,Omi Palone, Pull Out Method, The Rox, Hosta…the list goes on!

FF: Everyone sings in the band, right? Do you all write songs?
Color Club: Yes. Everyone gives input and we all write them together. We play whatever we can and what is fun and let each other do whatever we want, and if it’s not working then we figure something else out. Sometimes one of us will come up with an idea or some lyrics and we all just play along and see what happens.

FF: At the show the other night, I thought I heard a song about Lisa Frank. Am I crazy?
Color Club: No, you’re not crazy. We love Lisa Frank! She has been an inspiration to all of us for many years. She’s the glitter to our rainbow.

FF: Wow. Anna beats the hell out of the drums. Does she break a lot of drumsticks?
Anna: I broke one once and I plan on breaking more!

FF: Do you guys have anything recorded that we can buy? If so, where can we get it?
Color Club: We recorded demos of a couple of songs in Hot Springs after our first show. It took all day and it was really fun and Tim from the Mathematicians mixed it for us. We put them on myspace and we plan on selling some at shows with handmade album art but we have to get around to doing it first. We’ve been offered to record maybe over the summer and hope that we get a really bad ass LP recorded someday!

FF: What’s next for you guys. Any touring plans?
Color Club: Actually, yes! We’re in the process of booking a west coast tour with Church of the Snake for a couple of weeks in mid summer. So be on the look out for a tour kick off show in Fayetteville around the 10th of July!

Click below to hear “Lisa Frank” by Color Club