Dr. Dog Contest Winners

You guys did a good job posting your dog’s doctors to enter the Dr. Dog Contest. Dog doctors are very important, because as everyone knows, dogs rule.

In our book, dogs are the real winners.

But dogs can’t go to rock concerts, so we had to choose people this time. We had four winners for this particular contest, and they were chris-os, skalmt, Corbin, and chancevb. Congrats to you and thanks to everyone who entered. Great job.

As always, if you enter one of our contests, please make sure to check your e-mail the day after the contest ends, otherwise you might miss out on your sweet prize.

As we normally do, we entered all the names into a list and let Random.Org randomize the names to give us a winner.

If you didn’t win, you can still grab some tickets at George’s website. You better hurry. This one’s liable to sell out.