It’s NAMA time!

Being in a band is one of those things many kids dream of in junior high and then muster up the guts to actually attempt in the garage or basement of their parents’ houses a few years later.

What they don’t tell you in 7th grade, however, is that being in a band usually includes more drama than it does actual music.

The punk bands make fun of the indie bands. The indie bands make fun of the jam bands and the jam bands, well, they just get real high* and play all night. The jam bands probably have it made, now that I think about it.

For 14 years now, the Northwest Arkansas Music Awards have been stirring up the local music scene in a big way. Those who get nominated get psyched. Those who don’t pledge allegiance to the anti-NAMA flag. So it goes.

This year has been no exception. Just look at how many comments our original story about NAMA ’09 received. And if you really want a taste, then read ’em.

Fortunately, as soon as KUAF’s Kyle Kellams gets on stage with that soothing voice of his, everyone realizes that the world’s gonna be just fine.

After all, the NAMAs aren’t about figuring out who the best bands are in Northwest Arkansas. They’re about celebrating our music scene. Apparently, even the Mayor knows that. According to the, Mayor Lioneld Jordan has declared April 23 as Northwest Arkansas Musicians’ Day “to honor all local musicians.”

So come on out and watch all the excitement as it happens at 8pm this evening at the Dickson Theater. Besides the drama, there will be live music by Jarris, Souled Out, Pat and Mattie, Kory Montgomery Band and Cletus Got Shot.

Here is a full list of the nominees for this year’s NAMA Awards:

Singer/songwriter male
Kevin Bennoch
Paul Boatright
Jeff Fox
Wade Ogle
Ben Rector
Singer/songwriter female
Tiffany Christopher
Jori Costello
Opal Fly
Candy Lee
Susan Shore
Shannon Wurst
Female Vocalist in a band
Amyh (Dreamfast)
Leah Spears (Leah and the Mojo Doctors)
Liz Lottman (LaFuSo)
Tanya Shylock (Mountain of Venus)
Male Vocalist in a band
Benjamin Del Shreve (Benjamin Del Shreve)
Sam Dudley (The Darksuits)
Jeff Kearney (1 Oz Jig)
Eddie Love (A Good Fight)
Randy Soller (Randy Soller and the System)
Ben Wardlaw (Charliehorse)
Crazy Neighbor
Mountain of Venus
Velcro Moonshoe
World Music
Joseph Israel
Fayetteville Funk Ensemble
The OneUps
Wes Hart Band
Al Gibson Trio
Andrew Sieff Group
Claudia Burson Trio
Nathan McCloud Group
Walter Savage Trio
Matt Smith Trio
Lucio Baldomero
Sound Crew Child
Smurf G
Souled Out
Hardaway and the Commoners
Beat Bachs
DJ Soulfree
DJ Shortfuze
Tanner Beam
Christmas Fuller Project
David’s Pegasus
Memphis Pencils
Pop Rock
Army of Birds
Apartment 5
The Darksuits
The Good Fear
Truth about Movie Stars
Power Pop
After the Scars
Benjamin Del Shreve
Family Dogs
A Good Fight
Indiana and the Byrds
Jesus Chrysler Supercar
Well, Well, Well
Southern Rock
Big Uns
Bob Kramer Incident
Joe Giles and the Homewreckers
Maud Crawford
Thanks for Nothing
Metal/Hard Rock
The Battle Within
Calling Toyko
The counterlife
Open Addiction
Adam Posnak
Eoff Brothers
Isayah’s Allstars
Kory Montgomery Band
Leah & the Mojo Doctors
R.J. Mischo
3 Penny Acre
Cletus Got Shot
Jamie Wolfe & The Wranglers
Pope County Bootleggers
Shout Lulu
Party Band
Big Uns
Boom Kinetic
Full House
Use Curtis
Wes Hart Band
Best None Of The Above
1 Oz Jig
Earth Society
The Nick Noltes
Very Special Guests
Best New Band
3 Penny Acre
Hardaway and the Commoners
Indiana and the Byrds
The Smithstonians
Cletus Got Shot
The Poggs
Band Of The Year
Benjamin Del Shreve
Boom Kinetic
Cletus Got Shot
A Good Fight
Kory Montgomery Band
Album Of The Year
Paul Boatright- Plays Music
The Good Fear- Dirty Lowdown Adventure
Wade Ogle- Songs from Winter
The Poggs- The Poggs
Shout LuLu- Ridin’ A Buggy
Trout Fishing in America- Big Round World
XNA Allstars

*Get high on life, that is. You didn’t think I meant marijuana did you?