Winners: Cake ticket giveaway

You guys did a good job answering the questions for the Cake contest for the most part. A couple of you thought it was a guessing game, kind of like “how many gum-balls are in this gum-ball machine” or something, but it wasn’t. All the answers were on Local540. Duh.

We had four winners for this particular contest, and they were Adam, Thomas, Shannon, and Derek. Congrats to you and thanks to everyone who entered. Great job.

As always, if you enter one of our contests, please make sure to check your e-mail the day after the contest ends, otherwise you might miss out on your sweet prize.

There were 66 entries to this particular contest, so we let pick us a number between 1 and 66, and then 1 and 65, and so on to determine the winners.

If you didn’t win, you can still grab some tickets at the Amp’s website.