Local news: Tuesday 4/28

Petitions are public info.
Although nobody can ever truly know how you vote on election day, those petitions you’ve most likely signed to get measures on the ballot are public information and they just might end up on the internet one day. As in, like, today.

One group’s trying to get the names removed: “Group Seeks To Restrict Adoption Ban Petition Information” (Arkansas Business).

More on Coach Matthews
There’s some more coverage of yesterday’s student protest including a photo at “Speaking out: Students skip school, protest teacher’s firing” (NWA Times). Speaking of photos, The Morning News’ Zac Lehr has a handful over at NWA Behind The Lens.

Statement from FPS
Lots of folks have been wanting an official statement from the school district. Here it is.

Maybe he was texting Twittering
Johnna Wall of Fayetteville was somehow able to get her letter to the editor printed twice in the same paper yesterday and today. Yesterday’s was in the NWA Times section and today’s was in the ADG NW section. Different sections, same paper. How’d she do it? Twitter, baby. Twitter. Just throw that word in there somewhere and the media freaks the freak out. (Us included. Try it!). Yes, yesterday she was quoted as saying of the man who ran her off the road “Maybe he was even text messaging.” Today, the same sentence reads “Maybe he was even Twittering.” Will it read “Maybe he was even Huluing” tomorrow? Only time will tell.