Springfest starts on Friday

It’s pretty awesome outside right now, my eyes are itching like crazy because of all the pollen, and the sad trees that made it through this winters ice storm sprouted leaves again all of a sudden in the past week. The combination of all three of these items can only mean one thing. It’s time for Springfest in Fayetteville.

Springfest starts on Friday, May 1st and runs through Saturday at around 6:30. It is a once a year non-profit event that began in 1983 by some Dickson St. merchants, citizens, and business owners to “celebrate the history, culture, and flavor of Fayetteville.”

Kory Montgomery will kick off the event beginning at 6:00 on Friday, and there will be tons of food, music, and events happening on Dickson Street throughout the weekend.

Pancake breakfasts, Guitar Hero tournaments, Chili Cook Offs, and Dog Parades are some of the things you can find on the events schedule, along with possibly the strangest tradition at Springfest, the annual bed race. The bed race is what it sounds like. Teams will put together a “racing bed,” and will race them up Dickson Street. The winner will get $100 for the charity of their choice. The bed race starts at noon.

We’ll be there. Who’s with us?