To-do: Monday 5/4

As Dustin already stated, this past weekend was insano to the maximus. Or as I like to call things that are insano to the maximus, “Crazy.” Look it up.

To make up for a full weekend of things to do, and to give you a brief break before Cindo de Mayo, Fayetteville is making it easy on you tonight by only offering a few things to choose from.

If you want some music in your life this evening, Darren Ray is at Pesto Cafe. If you were planning on eating there anyway, SCORE!

In other music-related events, Matt & Gus are at US Pizza Co and over at The Perk, you can show off your acoustic jam skilz in the Acoustic Jam Skilz Open Mic Jam Night Skilz Club (AJSOMJNSC). That’s not what they call it but they should. Probably.

If you’d rather skip the music and instead enjoy an evening of Connect Four (yes, the game), there’s a Connect Four Tournament at Smoke & Barrel Tavern. The tourney, which is aptly named Cuatro de Mayo, begins at 7:30pm but you’ve gotta sign up by 7pm to get in. Winner gets $20 in bar credit. Go to play or go to watch. Either way, just go. Or don’t. What do I care?

In typical to-do fashion, here’s a full list of what’s happening tonight, however, you’ll notice a complete redundancy here since I’ve already talked about ’em all:

The Perk: Acoustic Jam (Open)
Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray
Smoke & Barrel: Cuatro de Mayo: Connect Four tournament
US Pizza Co: Matt & Gus