Little Rock Film Festival’s Music Video Competition Nominees

The Little Rock Film Festival is a 5 day event beginning on May 13th through the 17th, and showcases some of the best films made in Arkansas, and around the world. A couple weeks ago, they announced the nominees for it’s annual music video competition, and two Fayetteville bands, Vore and The Good Fear have videos in the running this year.

In the interest of full disclosure, two Fayetteville Flyers (including me) are in the Good Fear, so, we’re not biased or anything. Lindsay Miller over at the Arkansas Times’ Rock Candy Blog has a nice post about this year’s nominees, and he even handicaps the finalists. Great job!

As much as I love the American Princes, and as much as I’m rooting for the hometown guys in Vore, and as much as I’m in the Good Fear, I’ve gotta believe the Boondogs video for Heaven is the video to beat. It’s just so damn sweet (both in a “sweet as in awesome”, and a “sweet as in it’s got the band members really cute kids in it” kind of way).

Below are all six finalists for this year’s competition. All six are either bands from Arkansas, or the director is from Arkansas, or there is some other Arkansas connection. Who’s gonna win?

American Princes “Gravel”
Directed by Deluxe36
American Princes – “Gravel”

The Boondogs “Heaven”
Directed by Benjamin Reece

Boondogs / Heaven from Boondogs on Vimeo.

The Good Fear “Dear Daniel”
Produced by Zach Holland and Rett Peek

The Good Fear “Dear Daniel” from Lindsey Millar on Vimeo.

Claire Holley “Another Day”
Directed by Hans Stiritz

Claire Holley – Another Day from Evening Films on Vimeo.

VORE “Throne to Wolves”
Directed by David Lipke
Throne To The Wolves

Wishtribe “Automatic”
Produced by TJ Frame and Kelly Griffi

Automatic from Kelly Griffin on Vimeo.

[Via Rock Candy]