The Cinco de Mayo Cantina Crawl People’s Choice winners

Remember Pulp Fiction? Remember what Samuel L. Jackson’s character’s wallet said in that movie?

We’ve got some people in Fayetteville that could proudly carry that wallet. Big time.

Last night at around 11:00 at Flying Burrito on West Ave, despite the torrential downpour that was happening, around 70-75 people turned in some soggy scorecards to vote for the people’s choice awards of the 2nd annual Cinco de Mayo Cantina Crawl.

We were there for the start, but we didn’t make it to all 18 places. We made it through about 6. We’re lame.

Congrats to Zooloo’s for coming out on top in both competitions, and congrats to those who made it all the way to Flying Burrito. Great job.

Below are the results of their votes. Take heed. These are from the people that completed the entire pub crawl in the rain. These people are awesome.


  1. Zooloo’s
  2. On The Rocks
  3. Flying Burrito


  1. Zooloo’s (the night belonged to those guys)
  2. Flying Burrito
  3. Qdoba