To-do: Wednesday 5/6

Last night was the Cinco de Mayo Cantina Crawl. We crawled alright. Not to the finish line, though. We crawled our sorry asses home with our tails between our legs before we even got halfway through.

We tried. Really, we did. But there were 18 stops and after six, we could barely think straight. It’s not that we were drunk or anything (define drunk, please), but if you take into account the following pieces of information, surely you’ll understand:

  • We’re still in a zombie state from this past weekend.
  • It was raining on our heads.
  • We started a few minutes late at Common Grounds and drank the first margarita too fast.
  • Jose’s didn’t seem to know there was a crawl going on, nor did they know about a discounted margarita. Still, we drank.
  • 21st Ammendment had no margaritas so we downed a Corona and ran.
  • We ate too much dinner at Railhead Saloon and drank the stiffest margarita on Earth.
  • Final stop at Buster Belly’s. Final drink. Give up.

OK, so that’s the lamest set of excuses I’ve ever heard. We suck.

What the heck is happening tonight? Here’s a list. Read it if you wanna:

Arsaga’s Crossover: Beyond Words – 6:30pm
Drifter’s: Rocky C. and the Hard Timers
Ella’s: Jazz on the Hill w/ Burson Trio – 6pm
George’s: Boris Silva CD Release
Greenhouse Grille: 3-Penny Acre
Smoke & Barrel: Scott Leeper of the Ben Miller Band
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: Cody’s All-Stars (members of Mountain of Venus and Charliehorse)
US Pizza Co: Josh & Friends