Mysterious signs on College Avenue

Last night we heard that there were some University of Arkansas art students working on an installation project for College Avenue this morning.

The details were sketchy, and I’d kind-of forgotten about that in my groggy, tired state driving to work today.

That is, until driving past Rick’s Bakery at around 8:00 am, I saw a sign with an illustration of a mans face with the words “Love Yourself” on it. Huh?

The signs, at least as far as I could tell are all south facing, meeting northbound traffic on College avenue. I counted and photographed 12 unique designs on my way to work this morning, though there may be more that I may have missed. The installation went up beginning at 6:00 am, and most of the signs were still standing at 8:00 when I saw them.

Did anyone else see them? Did it freak you out? Below is a slideshow of the pictures I took today. Anyone have any more information?

UPDATE: “The art is the work of University of Arkansas art students,” says The Morning News.

If the slideshow doesn’t load, visit the entire set at our Flickr page.