Two Arsaga’s locations get a new owner with a familiar face

After 17 years of running 5 locations of Arsaga’s Espresso Cafe in Fayetteville, Cary and Cindy Arsaga have decided to slow down a little. Today, they sold two of their locations to longtime employee and manager Andrea Allen.

Andrea has been with Arsaga’s for 6 years, and has managed the Gregg Street and Crossover locations for the last few years. Andrea purchased those two locations from the Arsaga Family in a deal that was made final today.

She is a native of the area, growing up in Springdale, and has been living in Fayetteville since 2002.

“It’s kind of a dream come true for me. I’ve loved working here, and I love Fayetteville.” Allen said. “The Arsaga’s have been like a family to me.”

In a note to their customers, Cary and Cindy Arsaga said they did not take the decision to sell lightly. “Selling our business has always been like selling a part of ourselves, never an easy prospect.”

“We have found someone who has the knowledge, skill, personality, and energy to not only manage this business, but to make some of the necessary changes to keep it current.”

Allen said that Arsaga’s will continue to be a destination for occasional live music, and will continue to display local art in the locations.

“Not much from the customers stand point will change. We want to let everyone know that the quality of the coffee will stay the same, and the faces that serve the coffee will stay the same as well.” Allen said. “We really know our customers here. Probably 4 out of 5 times, we’ll know our customers names, what they want to drink, or whether they’ve been in the store or not.”

Andrea said that small things, like new cash registers, and the possibility for expanded food options may be in the works.

“We would like to focus on freshly baked pastries, as well as the possibility for some expanded lunch options. Maybe some sandwiches, or quick things that people can get on the go that may be a little healthier than going through a drive through.”

The Arsaga family will retain ownership of the Fayetteville Public Library, the UA Law Library, the Washington Regional Medical Center, and the Saturday Farmer’s Market locations, and will continue to roast their coffee’s at their warehouse.

“We are very excited about Andrea and (her husband) Jon taking over, and believe the future of those locations is in very capable hands.”