Fayetteville Visitors Bureau Announces Photo Scavenger Hunt

Fayetteville is awesome. There are about a gazillion things that I love about this place, and even though I’ve lived here forever, I’m still amazed at the little places, statues, landmarks, and surprises that I still discover in this relatively small city.

I remember the first time I snuck into the parking deck of the old Mountain Inn, climbed to the top, and onto the roof of the old hotel (RIP). It was awesome up there.

Or the first time I noticed the purple bulldog painted on the side of the wall as you head south on College Ave, just past the courthouse. That weird horse at the Flower Shop. The Peony farm west of town. Lake Wedington. Lake Sequoia.

The Fayetteville Visitors Bureau announced yesterday a contest that is trying to capture, and highlight some of these rare places scattered around town that we love so much, and maybe introduce us to a few that we don’t know about.

It’s called “Discover Fayetteville,” and it is a photo scavenger hunt contest. The scavenger hunt has 20 clues and participants must use the clues to photograph different places in Fayetteville. Participants must turn in 10 correct photographs to be entered in the drawing for a gift basket.

There will also be prizes for the best photograph of “my favorite place in Fayetteville clue” and for the funniest photograph of a clue.

The photos must be turned in by 5pm Thursday May 14th to the Visitors Center or by emailing them to info(at)experiencefayetteville(dot)com.

Some of the clues are ridiculously easy, but even as long as I’ve lived here, I have no idea what some of them are referencing. If you participate in the scavenger hunt, and want us to display your photos, send ’em to us at contact(at)fayettevilleflyer(dot)com.

Scavenger Hunt Clues

  • You would live here if you were King of the park
  • Knit here with grandma while waiting for Broadway
  • This is home to Mr. Sam’s first plane
  • Madame Secretary was married here
  • Ellis Island, New York has one and Fayetteville does too
  • Not sure how many statues of me are on campus, but Woo Pig to who finds the most
  • Final resting place for 500 Confederate soldiers from Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Arkansas
  • You can see the ‘7 hills’ from this lighted monument
  • Capture your favorite tailgate every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday on the square
  • May ‘Peace Prevail on Earth’ in over 100 languages
  • Take a picture of the ‘The Friendly Mural’ next to the former home of books
  • Home of a giant butterfly made of flowers
  • Fayetteville has over 16 miles of this alternative transportation
  • Park Here to see the stars on the big screen
  • Confederates and Yankees both resided here
  • The place where a million were ‘checked out’
  • Hootie will perform here, but not The Blowfish
  • This place is named after the winner of 40 National Championships
  • The last official hanging in the State of Arkansas took place here

Rules of the Scavenger Hunt:

  • This is a photo scavenger hunt, can be done in groups, individuals, families, etc.
  • Find at least 10 of these places and take photographic evidence
  • Turn in your photos via Facebook at the Experience Fayetteville group page or the Fayetteville AR fan page, email: [email protected], or stop by the Fayetteville Visitors Center on the Downtown Square (21 S. Block)
  • Please include your name and phone number with submissions
  • One name will be drawn to give away a ‘Fayetteville’ Gift Basket
  • Other prizes will be given for ‘Funniest’ picture, and ‘Best Favorite Place’ picture