Local news: Monday 5/11

Gas-n-Beer is here
E-Z Mart on MLK Blvd became the first convenience store in Fayetteville to sell beer last week. Flash Market is next. [Other coverage: NWA Times]

Art signs on College
A bunch on mysterious signs on 71B freaked everyone out. Did you see ’em before they disappeared? [Other coverage: Morning News]

Arsaga’s has a new owner
Longtime Arsaga’s employee and manager Andrea Allen purchased two locations from the Arsaga Family on Friday. [Other coverage: Morning News]

New traffic light for FHS students
For years, students at Fayetteville High School (myself included) have had to dodge traffic on MLK Blvd. Those days are over (Fayettevillage Voice). [Other coverage: NWA Times]

Mayoral Proclamation

Bike to Work Week
Saturday morning on the steps of the Fayetteville Town Center, Mayor Lioneld Jordan officially proclaimed May 11-15 as “Bike to Work Week”.

Lots of folks, including former Mayor Dan Coody, were on hand to celebrate the proclamation and take a bike ride along Scull Creek Trail.

If you’re planning on participating this week, don’t forget your poncho. [Other coverage: NWA Times, Fayettevillage Voice]

Deck collapse causes Twitter freakout
What started as an innocent Tweet turned into an all-out, virtual panic. OK, so not really but people were definitely curious. Turns out, a deck had collapsed so we headed to the hospital and talked to some family members. [Other coverage: NWA Times, Morning News]