Local news: Wednesday 5/13

“Huge party problems”
If you missed our editorial yesterday, you might be wondering what all this talk of an “unsafe” Dickson Street is about. It started with a 40/29 report mentioning a “darker side of Dickson” and then was escalated with Pat Gazzola’s comments that called the safety of the area into question. Then the internets lit up spawning a KNWA report last night that revealed Gazzola’s continued belief in an “unsafe” Dickson Street area. Needless to say, Fayetteville is not happy. Now what?

Mayor’s Facebook: Gone. Back. Gone?
If you’re friends with Lioneld Jordan on Facebook, you might’ve been surprised when his profile disappeared. So was he, apparently (NWA Times). It came back yesterday. But then it was gone again last night. Back again today. What the?

FHS Master Plan revealed
The public was invited to Fayetteville High School Monday evening to see the latest revisions of the Master Campus Plan for the new school which will be built on the current campus. Unfortunately, of the 50-ish people in attendance, about 12 of us were with the media and a dozen or so were with the school district which didn’t leave a lot of “public”. Official story is here: NWA Times.

Fayetteville Forward Economic Accountability Council
Yesterday’s City Council agenda session revealed plans to put together a 16-member group to oversee the action strategies identified at the Fayetteville Forward summit earlier this year. The Morning News has the full story including the names of the group members. So does NWA Times.