KNWA and Fox 24 to revisit “Dickson Street Battle” tonight

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days (is that even possible?), you’re probably familiar with the recent controversy regarding the safety of Dickson Street. If not, you can learn all about it on our original editorial post, “What ‘darker side’ of Dickson Street?”

After posting said editorial late Monday night, things got pretty silly in Fayetteville. And by “silly” I mean “bompy”. And by “bompy” I mean “donk-a-donk doopy”. In other words, the stuff hit the fan. And by “stuff” I mean … nevermind.

KNWA news immediately jumped on the story and did a great job of interviewing Mayor Jordan, Police Chief Tabor and George’s Majestic Lounge owner Brian Crowne. All three disagreed with the notion that there is any sort of “unsafe” atmosphere on Dickson Street. A&P chair Pat Gazzola, however, stood by his original comments saying once again that the Walton Arts Center would be “a much safer place” if it were to move to a different area.

Fayetteville was not pleased. Nor should it have been. As A&P chair, Mr. Gazzola should be doing and saying anything and everything he can to promote a positive view of our city.

Tonight (Thursday), it appears as though Mr. Gazzola will be clarifying those comments. Sources tell us that a KNWA/KFTA van was seen leaving the parking lot of Catfish Hole (Mr. Gazzola is the owner of the restaurant) this afternoon and we just noticed a Tweet by KFTA (Fox 24) anchor Dana Sargent that reads as follows:

Tonight on Fox: We revisit the “Dickson Street Battle” — someone is clarifying a statement they made a few days ago. You gotta see it.

Here’s hoping for a much-deserved apology.