To-do: Thursday 5/14

If you’re sick and tired of this nasty, wet, depressing weather, say “aye” right now. No seriously, do it. Even if you’re at work and that Thelma lady who sits down the hall will hear you. She’ll get over it. And you’ll feel good because you’re taking part in a city-wide action that if done in unison, God himself might just hear us all and give us a break in the form of some sunshine. Besides, Thelma goes to church every Sunday and you can just tell her – mostly in honesty – that you were talking to the Lord. Maybe she’ll even join in herself.

3 – 2 – 1 … Aye.

There’s a boatload arkload of things going on tonight but a couple of things are sticking out (at least to me) among the crowd.

For example, at George’s tonight, local heroes 3 Penny Acre are welcoming special guest, Radoslav Lorkovic. “Rad” is a piano/accordion player who regularly performs with Austin’s Jimmy LaFave, recorded an album with Red House Records founder Greg Brown and has even worked with the legendary Odetta before her death last December at the age of 77.

“We’re trying to make our Fayetteville shows unique experiences where we have the chance to bring in musicians that we love to collaborate with them,” 3 Penny Acre’s Bryan Hembree told us yesterday.

Also, tonight is Art Amiss X at Dickson Theater. The event kicks off at 7pm and will feature the work of visual artists, musicians, fashion designers, hair and makeup artists and even a team of installation artists.

There’ll be music by Sandy Rowles & Shout Lulu, plus a CD compilation of Arkansas musicians will be handed out to the first 200 folks to arrive for free with admission ($7 at the door).

Of course, you can’t forget about the Thursday night staples like Opal Fly at Smoke & Barrel, Kevin Bennoch at the Pesto Cafe or the drag show at Tangerine.

Oh yeah, and Fiddler on the Roof is at Walton Arts Center.

And that’s only half of the list. The rest:

Baum Stadium: Arkansas vs. Ole Miss 6:35pm
Botanical Gardens: Greening of the Garden 6PM
Dickson Theater: Art Amiss X
Fayetteville Farmers’ Market: On the Square (7am-1pm) Mill Districk (4pm-7pm)
George’s: 3 Penny Acre
Jammin’ Java: Mike and Maliah
Jose’s: Joe Giles & the Homewreckers
Pesto Cafe: Kevin Bennoch
Powerhouse: Wes Hart Band
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: Cletus Got Shot
Smoke & Barrel: Opal Fly w/ Jeff Kearney
Speakeasy: DJ Peaches
Tangerine: Drag Show
Walton Arts Center: Fiddler on the Roof 7PM, TheatreSquared’s Drawer Boy 8PM