Weekend: May 15, 16, 17

We’ve been doing the weekend post pretty much the same way for weeks now. Every week, it’s “check out these awesome things,” and you guys are all “ok, doubt it.”

It’s starting to get a little stale. So, we know we needed to bring a little life into the format. You know, to keep it fresh.

That said, this weekend post is a dialogue between my dog Steve, and my couch.

Int: Living Room – Night

Steve: (slobbers)

Couch: …

Steve: (licks privates)

Couch: …

Steve: (yawning) eeerrgg

Couch: (poot)


(end scene)

Well, that sucked. Here’s what’s going on this weekend.

Friday, first, head to Ultra Studios for their Grand Opening. Eat some wine. Drink some cheese. Check out some fashions and some art.

Next, watch the Razorbacks obliterate the Ole Miss Lame-o’s (that’s their new mascot. Makes sense).

Then, check out some tunes. The Exequals are at Arsaga’s on Crossover, Hot Shot Karate is at the Boom Boom Room, the Cate Brothers will be at George’s for Happy Hour. Mountain of Venus and Speakeasy will be on stage at George’s late night.

The Crumbs are at the Smoke and Barrel, and if you haven’t seen Fiddler on the Roof yet, word on the street is, “do it.”

Saturday, go to the Dog Walk at Gulley Park, rescheduled from a couple weeks ago. Don’t forget about the Farmers’ Market on the Square, and there’s also more baseball during the day.

Saturday night, there’s a huge metal show at George’s with one of the best bands in the metal business with Rwake. Check out their Pitchfork review. Plus they’re from Arkansas.

Also on Saturday, St. Anthony and Fire Don’t Care will be at Smoke and Barrel, and you can check out What Army at Smiling Jacks.

On Sunday, we’re hearing rumors of a pretty sweet secret show at the Smoke and Barrel. All we’re saying is, don’t make other plans. Trust us.

Let’s check back in on Steve.

Steve: zzz (snoring)

Geez. What are you doing this weekend?

Friday May 15
Arsaga’s Crossover: The Exequals (Dan Dean, Candy Lee, Dave Baer) 9pm
Baum Stadium: Arkansas vs. Ole Miss 6:35pm
Boom Boom Room: Hot Shot Karate
George’s: Cate Bros 6pm, RJ Mischo 7pm, Mountain of Venus, Speakeasy 10pm
Jammin’ Java: Odis Elevator
The Perk: Aaron Traffas, Reese Neal, Chris Goering, Trey Grabber
Smoke & Barrel: The Crumbs
Teatro Scarpino: Benefit for Restore Humanity
Walton Arts Center: TheatreSquared’s Drawer Boy 8pm, Fiddler on the Roof 8pm

Saturday May 16
Arsaga’s Crossover: Jam Grape
Baum Stadium: Arkansas vs. Ole Miss 2:05pm
Boom Boom Room: The Great Scotts
Botanical Gardens: Arkansas History through its Plants
Fayetteville Farmers’ Market: On The Square (7am-1pm)
George’s: GARDEN: Black Leaf Clover, Calling Tokyo, SilverStone LOUNGE:
Rwake, After The Scars, 90 Lb Wrench
GoodFolk: The Folk Brothers
Gulley Park: Dogwood Walk
Ryleigh’s: The Great Scotts
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: What Army
Smoke & Barrel: St. Anthony, Fire Don’t Care
Soul: Walter Savage Trio
Walton Arts Center: Fiddler on the Roof 2pm/8pm, TheatreSquared’s Drawer Boy 8pm

Sunday May 17
Botanical Gardens: Arts Live Presents: Alice in Wonderland 3PM
George’s: Ben Miller Band
Gypsy on College: Jammin Karaoke 80’s Karaoke Night
NWA Mall: Family Field Day 5K 7:30am
Pesto Cafe: Shannon Wurst
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: Teddy Sablon (Noon-3:00)
Walton Arts Center: TheatreSquared’s Drawer Boy 2PM, Fiddler on the Roof 2PM/7PM