What are your favorite Fayetteville secrets?

Let me tell you a story, everyone. I once went on a date with this guy. He wanted burgers. I said “well duh, burgers, let’s go to Hugo’s.” He was a junior at the University and asked me what Hugo’s was. Two years in Fayetteville and he hadn’t been to Hugo’s. He didn’t even know where the square was.

We went to Steak & Shake.

Friday, I was reading a book on the little pier at Lake Fayetteville. I thought it was a nice moment, so of course, I tweeted this picture of it. A friend gets back to me: “Where is that? It’s beautiful!” And she graduated from FHS 30 years ago.

I guess maybe I take my knowledge of Fayetteville for granted. But if there’s one thing I love, it’s telling people what they should know Fayetteville. There for a while, I appointed myself Fayetteville Ambassador to all of my friends, but let me tell you, that many trips to Hugo’s puts a strain on one’s pocketbook. So now I just do a radio show about these places, instead.

What I’m getting around to saying is that I want to know what you think are Fayetteville’s best restaurants, stores, parks, and anything else that people should know about. Because it’s pretty lame that 18,000 people come here to go to school, live in apartments by I-540 and then go to Steak & Shake.