Local news: May 26-Jun 1

Millage vote coming
NWA Times reports that a 6-1 vote means a millage election is coming in September to raise cashola for a new Fayetteville High School. Oh, The Morning News reported this, too.

Video lasers tasers
Fayetteville police are trying to get some camera tasers. They say it makes policing themselves easier but I know the real reason: America’s Funniest Home Videos, yo. First place! (NWA Times)

Free hot air balloon rides, anyone?
Wanna ride in a balloon? For free. You can. (NWA Times and Morning News).

2 cans a month: Can ya do it?
Mayor Jordan is asking for a couple of cans a month. Think you can swing it?

Wakarusa starts Thursday
There was an absolutely incredible article in Sunday’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette by Evie Blad about Wakarusa. Much props to Evie. For even more, check out Kevin Kinder’s piece from Friday’s What’s Up!

Accident at Scull Creek Trail and Sycamore
Ward 3 Alderman Robert Rhoads’ wife, Barbara, was struck by a car crossing the trail at W. Sycamore St. She was treated and released. Phew. (Morning News)

[Photo by Rich Anderson via Flickr and Creative Commons 2.0]