Hammontree’s Gourmet moving into Nightbird Books Building

A lot has happened in the building that used to house the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse in the last few months. I mean, like, a whole lot.

Hmm. Where to start. Here goes.

  1. In January, the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse closed.
  2. Then Nightbird Books moved from the Mill District in South Fayetteville to Dickson Street into the Smokehouse building
  3. Then, Joseph Brajcki was going to open up a restaurant called Lillie, Lou and Jacq on the cafe side of the building.
  4. Then, Joseph had some serious back trouble that prevented him from opening the restaurant.
  5. Somewhere in there, David Lewis, Executive Chef of Brick House Kitchen decided to move into the building to serve desserts and coffee to book lovers.
  6. Now, Hammontree’s Gourmet is moving into the cafe side to serve grilled cheese sandwiches and their homemade soups during lunch.

Whoa. That’s a lot of action for a short period of time.

Here’s what we know.

David Lewis is still moving in to the Nightbird side of the building and will be open from about 7:00 am to 9:00 pm to serve coffee and desserts. Awesome.

We also know that Hammontree’s is moving into the other side of the building, accessed from that little enclosed-ish Smokehouse parking area (between the garden room and the Dickson Theatre), and are doing some improvements to the patio/deck area. They’ll be open for lunch, and are planning to have beer specials and “a nice little wine list.”

They’ll also be serving Ozark Mountain Smokehouse products in some of their recipes as well as selling Smokehouse deli sliced meats and cheeses. How’s that for full circle?

That location has infinite potential, and a nice patio facing Dickson St attached to a bookstore, with gourmet coffee and desserts also in the mix with a nice wine list and beer specials sounds to us like a big ole, “Yeow.”

We ran into one of the owners, Chad Hammontree, when we stopped to take a picture of the banner, and he said he hoped to be open for business in “a couple weeks.”