Local news: June 2-8

Bad drivers rejoice!
The median in front of the post office on Dickson Street used to have plants and a nice sign until people kept mowing them down. Then a giant boulder was placed there but that didn’t stop people from hitting the median (or the boulder). Now the rock’s gone and most likely, so will be the median. Yay for lousy drivers! (via NWA Times. Editorial here.)

No more meters on Block?
Business owners on Block Avenue want the parking meters to quickly go the way of the Buffalo. Is that even possible? We shall see. (via NWA Times. More here.)

Speaking of medians…
Looks like one’s not gonna make it onto the Garland widening project after all. (via NWA Times. Editorial here.)

Big Lots?
There’s a Big Lots sign at Fiesta Square. The NWA Times called corporate headquarters last week for details but nobody called ’em back. How rude.

Slow Food!
The Second Annual Ozark Slow Food Potluck/Cooking Contest will be held Saturday, June 20th at the Brick House Kitchen Restaurant. More on this later. For now, get your best Cocktail Party recipes ready! (via a news release)

Rosie the Riveter at Crystal Bridges
She’s here but when will we get to see her?

Mayor Jordan to replace Pat Gazzola temporarily
The Morning News’ Skip Descant reports that Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan will serve as interim chair of the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission while applications are being accepted for new leadership. Former chair Pat Gazzola resigned last month after making statements that were not appreciated by local folks.