Winners: Flyer shirt giveaway

We had an impromptu contest yesterday in our Tuesday To-do post in which the first person to answer our trivia question would be the winner of a free Flyer t-shirt.

However, the winner (George) graciously donated his free shirt to a a random commenter to further continue the contest excitement. At the end of the day, we gathered up everyone’s names and entered them into a list.

We let Random.Org take it from there and we’re pleased to announce that the new winner of the free Flyer shirt is Logan. Congrats, Logan!

If you still have not ordered your very own slice of Fayetteville pride, why not take this opportunity to do so? We would appreciate it more than you could ever know. Like, way more than you could ever know. As in, don’t even try to know because it’s im-dang-possible.

The full results: