Fayetteville accepting RFP for Bike Rack Designs

The City of Fayetteville has posted a Request for Proposal announcement for design of two bicycle racks that will be placed outside the new District Court Building.

From the RFP:

This project will emphasize the balance between form and function by creating two artful bicycle parking racks.

The two selected bicycle rack sculptures will be located in front of the new District Court Building that is
currently under construction at the northeast corner of Church Ave and Rock St. Each bicycle rack shall be
capable of having two bicycles attached with either a standard U-shaped lock or cable lock

There is a $1400 budget for each bike rack, and that includes design, construction and materials. Design submissions are due on July 2nd. If you want to submit a design, here’s what you need to include.

Materials to be Submitted – The following shall be included with all proposals:

  1. Detailed scale drawing with artwork oriented for placement parallel to the street.
  2. Current resume, resident address and professional references.
  3. Material composition detail.
  4. “Proposal Details” as presented in Page 6 of this document.

Sounds like a pretty sweet project. For those interested, here’s a link to the full RFP.

Are any Flyer readers gonna submit a design?