Forbes Magazine names Fayetteville 2nd best US city for Recession Recovery

Forbes Magazine loves Fayetteville. Or at least, they’ve been showing the love lately.

Back in March, Forbes named Fayetteville the 4th best place in the country for business and careers. Not bad.

Today, Forbes showed F’town some more love, when they named Fayetteville #2 on the list of “The Best Cities for Recession Recovery.”

The article was primarily focused on the real estate sector of the economy, but other factors of the cities’ economic makeup were considered when compiling the list.

Forbes also lumps Fayetteville in with Springdale and Rogers (and I’m sure, Bentonville) when it compiles the data, but out of those 4 cities, Fayetteville definitely rules the most, and that is a scientific fact.

We hope they are right. It’s nice to hear some good news on the economy once in a while.