Over 1000 attend Take Your Kids To Dickson

The first thing I heard when venturing down to Take Your Kids To Dickson on Saturday afternoon was Hosta’s Greg Moore saying over the microphone from the Rose Garden at the Walton Arts Center, “So kids, how to you like Dickson?” A few kids cheered. One kid just stood there with a balloon in his mouth. But it was early. The event had only been underway for about 10 minutes.

An hour later, children lined the streets with parents close behind. Most of them were waiting to see inside the fire truck parked at the corner of Dickson and West. The rest were scattered at various “Fun Zones” watching puppet shows, drawing with chalk on the sidewalks and getting their faces painted.

From what I could tell, the first-ever Take Your Kids to Dickson was going off without a hitch. Event organizer Heather Kendrick-Gerlaugh seemed to agree. “Estimated attendance is well over 1000 people. Take Your Kids to Dickson is a huge success!!” posted Heather on her Twitter account just a couple of hours into the afternoon.

I don’t have any children so I was gone (enjoying a beverage at Smoke & Barrel) by the time she made that announcement but I did take a few photos. Anybody else care to share their experience from Saturday?

If the slideshow doesn’t load, you can view the entire set at our Flickr page.