To-do: Monday 6/15

Between Saturday morning’s Farmers’ Market, Saturday afternoon’s Take Your Kids to Dickson event and Saturday evening’s Custardthon, the last thing I want to think about is finding something to do tonight.

I’m still worn out from the weekend.

Plus, there’s a Razorback baseball game on tonight and it’s kinda-sorta a big deal. The Razorbacks kinda-sorta beat the heck out of a kinda-sorta good team on Saturday and have advanced one step ahead in the College World Series.

The game has actually caused tonight’s Green Drinks meeting at Smiling Jack’s to be moved forward one half hour. The event is now at 5pm this evening.

For the rest of tonight’s happenin’s, check it out:

Nightbird Books: Arkansas Playwrights Workshop with Bob Ford
Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: Green Drinks
Smoke & Barrel: Domino Tournament
Teatro Scarpino: Goth concert
US Pizza Co: Effron White
Walton Arts Center: Summer Camp: WAC Summer Choir Intensive ages 7-12 – 9:30am