The best shows in the history of Fayetteville

I’ve seen some pretty incredible rock shows in Fayetteville over the years. Some of them I’ll never forget. Taylor’s music photo post and F.M.K discussion got me thinking about just how many great bands I’ve seen in Fayetteville, and made me wonder, what’s the best show you’ve seen in Fayetteville?

Modest Mouse at Clunk Music Hall. Modest Mouse at Shulertown. The White Stripes at JR’s on 9/11. The Postal Service at JR’s. At the Drive In at Clunk. Spoon at the Greek Theatre. Wilco at the Walton Arts Center. Ted Leo and Death Cab at Clunk. Catfish Haven at the Delicious. Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst at George’s recently.

There really are too many to name.

Thinking back on some of these shows, I can’t believe some of these acts played in Fayetteville. Just at Clunk, I can think of a ton of bands that I saw in that white cinder block building behind the old Hunan Manor that are now among the biggest bands in the world. It’s crazy.

Some of my favorite shows I’ve seen around town have been shows where I didn’t know much about the band, but ended up coming away a fan after an incredible live performance. J. Roddy Walston and the Business at George’s a few years ago was incredible. I saw Wolf Parade downstairs at JR’s play to about 20 people once before I’d heard anything about them (thanks Clunk for making me go downstairs that night).

The question is this: What’s the best show you’ve seen in Fayetteville? Did you catch some of the incredible bands that played at Clunk back in the day? Did a local band blow you away? Are you old school enough to remember when Green Day played at the Skate Station? Remember River City? The Delicious House?

Who’d you see, and where, and why was it so good?

To get the nostalgia flowing, here’s a video of Fayetteville’s Kung Fu Grip playing to a packed Clunk Music Hall back in the day.