Flyer stickers are in the house

A bunch of folks have suggested we invest in some Fayetteville Flyer stickers so last week, we broke open our piggy bank and started counting. Four seconds later we were done. 9 pennies. That won’t buy any stickers.

So we did what any other website publishers would do in our situation. We opened a kissing booth on the corner of College and Township where those people are selling furniture out of the old Sugar Mountain building. We didn’t get a single customer. But we did find a million bucks in an old mattress.

And we spent it all on vinyl stickers. Are we smart or what?

So how can you get your hands on a Fayetteville Flyer sticker? You could either use the above-mentioned recipe for success or you could head out to one of the following businesses this weekend and grab a free one (or two…shhhh).

Here’s a few places that might still have a stack on hand:

Or you could order yourself a fancy Flyer shirt and get a sticker (and a couple of buttons) for free. Just saying.